Speak Academy London – CALL FOR APPLICATION



CALL for application

New Generation Centre UK in collaboration with the Speak Academy is launching a Public Speaking Course.

We announce an application for young Hungarian talents between the ages of 18 and 35 in the UK.

Unleash your potential and learn to speak with confidence in front of any audience.

The blended course – will be delivered in English – is designed to improve the most powerful communication tool: speaking.

Learn how to build up powerful presentations that use storytelling to increase engagement with your audience. Practise delivering speeches in an encouraging environment and get constructive personalised feedback on your performance.

At the end of our public speaking course, selected participants will share their remarkable stories with the audience at the Graduation event, VOLUMEN, where we will be celebrating the highlight of our public speaking course.

Now it is your opportunity to become a member of the Speak Academy London.


  • Up to 30 applicants have the chance to participate in a free public speaking training. (The market value of the course is around £ 500.).
  • The working language of the course is English. It’s essential that your English language skills are good enough for you to undertake the course.
  • Course duration is 10 weeks. From the 25th of March till 1st of June, registered participants will attend weekly e-learning modules, as well as two full-day workshops, held in London.
  • The course will require approximately 1 to 4 hours of preparation each week, including interactive assignments.

Structure (including the e-learning modules and workshops) and dates of the course:  


Topic Date
Strong Start      25th March – 31st March      
Strong End       1st April – 7th April        
Storytelling       8th April – 14th April      
Authenticity and emotions        15th April – 21st April      
Composing a message        22nd April – 26th April       
WORKSHOP I.       27th April – 28th April      
Metaphors, examples, images 


Rhetorical tools 

How to find inspiration 

      29th April – 5th May      
Preparing for your graduation Speech        13th May – 17th May      
WORKSHOP II.       18th May – 19th May      

Questions | Dress Code | Presentation is a tool not a solution |

Practice by ourselves | How to gain routine? |

Body language |  Using humour 

      20th May – 26th May      
Finalising the speech        20th May – 1st June     

Preparing the 10 most successful participants for their graduation speeches for the closing gala event called VOLUMEN.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 22nd March 2019.      


About New Generation Centre in London

We are glad to bring Speak Academy to London. The course is an excellent opportunity for everyone, to evolve both professionally and personally. Our primary goal is to build a bridge between Hungarian youth in the United Kingdom and Hungary, to expand their knowledge and to nurture their talent through various professional, communal and competence enhancing programmes. Beyond our aim to build a community, it is also essential to establish a framework supporting young, talented Hungarians.

Introducing the trainer – William Benkő

An entrepreneur, a public speaker, coach and a philanthropist, who believes in leading by example. Graduated in Colorado, worked in Texas than moved to Hungary where he is now involved in business ventures from healthcare to software. He develops technological solutions to problems. He is the President of the Strategic Advisory Board of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design and President of the National Talent Support Council. A passionate and frequent public speaker, he has coached politicians, business leaders, students and inmates on the power of public speaking. He has coached and mentored hundreds of youth to help them develop self-esteem and a life plan. When he is not helping people, he is building his start-ups.

About Speak Academy

Speak Academy teaches its students the art of speaking. This skill plays a crucial role in careers, business and personal lives, but primarily in a person’s development. If you would like to share your experiences or raise a helping voice on behalf of those in need, the ability to speak is your most important tool.


For further information, please contact us on:

Contact Person: Bence Juhász


Mobile: +36 70 507 2080

For a valid application, please complete the application form: