The application is now CLOSED!!! SPEAKUP – Public speaking course

The application is now CLOSED!!!

This year, for the 4th time, New Generation Centre, in collaboration with Speak Academy, provides a free


Public Speaking Made Easy

Be the Speaker you always wanted to be

Is it for you?

  • Are you a Hungarian young adult? ✅
  • Are you between the ages of 17-35? ✅
  • Do you live abroad? ✅

Don’t miss out on one of the greatest courses available!

7th June – 13th August: 10-week long course, with a closing gala event

Hybrid learning: A mixture of online-offline workshops and materials, led by William Benkő

Individualistic – Work through the material in your own time (1-4 hours weekly) with personalised feedback on assignments

In English – Develop your existing language skills


Why Public Speaking?

The prominent lecturer and writer Dale Carnegie said “Only the prepared speaker deserves to be confident.”

With this course, you’ll develop to be THE prepared speaker. Public speaking is a skill that builds upon various competencies required for success. By overcoming your fears and concerns, not only will you be more confident and have better communication skills, but you will also explore the limitless potential within yourself.

Public speaking requires critical thinking and it’ll make you a better listener. You will improve your vocabulary, listening and arguing skills whilst expressing yourself better. This development in self-expression will help you in stressful situations such as job interviews or presentations at your current position.

People who are able to form meaningful messages and present them in an enjoyable manner, tend to form professional and personal connections more easily, and are better leaders. Also, by overcoming your fears, you’ll feel prouder of yourself and motivate yourself to develop further in other areas.

Still not convinced yet?

Watch and listen to the experience of past participants of the course here:



It is a two-part course, with individual online learning and face-to-face/online workshops

Part 1:

SpeakUp Kick off meeting7th June 18:00 CET1 hour
 Strong Start7th June – 9th June3 days
 Strong Stop10th June – 13th June3 days
 Storytelling14th June – 17th June4 days
 Authenticity and Emotion18th June – 21st June4 days
 Composing a message22nd June – 25th June4 days
 WORKSHOP26th June – 27th June2 days
 Metaphors, Images
Rhetorical tools (voice and silence)
How to find inspiration
28th June – 11th July14 days

Part 2:

Preparing for Graduation Speech12th July – 16th July5 days
WORKSHOPS17th July – 18th July 2 days
Questions to ask and More:
-Dress code
-A presentation is a tool and not a solution
-Practicing alone
-How to develop a routine
-Body language
-Using humour
19th July – 25th July7 days
Finalising the Graduation Speech26th July – 13th August19 days
SpeakUp – Graduation Day14th August 

Meet the Team

William Benkő, Trainer

‘Public speaking is your bio business card.’

Raised in the United States, William was mentored by businesspeople and coaches.  As a result, he felt the need to share the ideas and practices that helped him. His opinion is that it is not enough to be successful; you need to help others become successful.  This is why he created Speak Academy.  Through Speak Academy, his students learn to become confident speakers while developing their character and better understanding themselves. A society develops best with self-confident people.  There is no shortage of talent, yet many lack self-confidence.  People are afraid to stand up for themselves.  Those who break through this barrier, discover new roads leading to a more satisfying life and new business opportunities.  William Benkő’s programs, both online and offline aim to help people find their own voice and move their self-confidence meter in a positive direction as they learn to use their newfound voice. William also uses this skill in developing his own business portfolio in health care and IT.

Alex MacIntosh, Trainer

“Public speaking is a fundamental communication tool. The ability to educate, inspire and entertain people is a skill worth investing in – it shapes who we become and lasts a lifetime.”

Alex MacIntosh is a presentation coach from Canada and a competitive public speaker with Toastmasters International. Alex believes in Connection Over Perfection and helps people bring their unique personality to the stage. Alex graduated from Speak Academy in 2019 and now enjoys helping others get the most out of the program.

New Generation Centre UK

New Generation Centre London works with and for the talented Hungarian youth. We want to expand the knowledge and nurture the talents of Hungarian students in the United Kingdom. This course is one of the many self-development. We also aim to build a connection between students and professionals, whilst engaging with the student community.

Speak Academy

Speak Academy teaches its students the art of speaking: step-by-step, we help break down the discomfort associated with speaking in public. We find topics that students can not only identify with, but simultaneously encourage them to speak. We provide ample feedback to guide them along the way. We also coax emotions from them to add spice to their speeches. As for the topic, students are encouraged to talk about a personal experience, which had a profound effect on their life. As these stories unfold, we realize again and again that we humans, have a lot more in common than we may have thought.

Applications are open until the places are filled, but not later than 4th of June 2021.

Secure your spot and apply now!

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